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Signage Case Study: Pizza With A Purpose.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on April 6th, 2017

Designing tangible, dimensional art is a whole different world compared to digital design. Fortunately for us, the queue wall signage we were tasked to create was for a pizza restaurant – a world we are very familiar with.

Our experience has taught us that designing signage boils down to two main components:

  1. Purpose

The pizza restaurant that reached out to us is called Malawi’s. In addition to providing delicious food (we can personally vouch for this), Malawi’s donates a meal to a child in Africa for every meal purchased at their restaurant.

Malawi’s wanted to create queue wall signage that gave customers a visual blend of appetizing food and African culture. Understanding that the function was going to be purely visual, our purpose was to design something that could speak volumes with minimal text. The goal would be two-fold: to whet the appetites with images of appealing food options, and give a sense of what customer’s purchase would mean for children in Africa.

  1. Conceptualize

Behind every successful queue wall signage is a good blueprint. Conceptualizing is all about taking what the client wants and creating something that the customer will find useful. Incorporating design elements and organizational techniques is paramount in creating cohesive signage.

For Malawi’s we separated food and culture in two distinct, yet complimentary panels. For the food side, we placed appetizing imagery around the copyrighted phrase “Explore the Pizzabilities.” The idea was to visually show the customer a variety of available food options. One of the beautiful things about pizza, pasta, and salad is that the mere sight of it almost always induces hunger. All we needed to do was take high-quality photos, organize them in a digestible way (you’ll excuse the pun), and let the food do the talking.

On the culture panel, the idea was to put a face to the children receiving the donated meals. From Malawi’s previous Africa trips, we had a treasure trove of adorable photos to choose from. We transposed the photo onto a backdrop shaped like Africa. Along with the photo is the African phrase “Moni,” which means Hello. These two elements combine to give a sense of transporting to Africa and enjoying a meal with a child in need.

Malawi’s is quickly approaching its 1,000,000th meal donated to Africa. Contriburing to those amazing donations through the queue wall has been a wonderful experience.

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