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Rio Olympics Logo.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on August 23rd, 2016 Rio Olympics Logo

History of the Olympics Logo

Olympic logo

Image: Colorlib

The Summer Olympics are upon us again, and with it comes a new logo that is unique to the games taking place in Brazil. Before diving into the Rio Olympics logo, let’s briefly discuss the history involved here. As you have seen many times before, the Olympic symbol consists of five interlocking rings that are completely equal in dimension. The order is always blue, yellow, black, green, and red. A common misconception is the idea that each color corresponds to a specific continent, but that is a lie! Well, mostly. The creator of the original Olympic logo, Pierre de Coubertin, did have geography in mind. The five colors, combined with the white backdrop, represent a piece of every flag in the world. Turns out that in 1913 (when the logo was created), every nation’s flag consisted of some combination of those colors. Interlocking the different colors echoes the idea of global unity that is suggested in the Olympic Charter, “The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced in accordance with Olympism and its values” (Olympic Charter, Chapter 1, Rule 1.1).


Rio Olympics Logo

Rio Olympics logo
Image: 99u

As you can seen from the above image, designing a logo that communicates effectively takes time. Every Olympic games, hosting countries are given the opportunity to create a logo that embodies its values. Take a look at the foundation of the logo for the Rio Olympic games. The idea is to capture the rich landscapes and energy of Rio and Brazil. Notice the curves in the lines that smoothly imitate the curves the mountains, rivers, and lake of the country. To further visually communicate the essence of the Rio Olympics, a unique typeface was developed that expresses a sense of movement. The curvy text flows in the same style of the lines that makeup the logo. If you look at the logo and typeface long enough, it starts to look like it’s moving on its own!

Also, does the shape that those curvy lines make remind you of anything? If it reminds you of the infinity sign, then you are thinking like a graphic designer. The infinity sign is a symbol that transcends time and cultures. Much like the Olympics, it represents unity. Colors are a very powerful way to communicate meaning, and the Rio Olympics logo certainly follows suit. A prominent color in the logo is green, which is associated with nature. Considering Brazil is home to incredible places like the Tijuca rainforest, green is a prominent color in the logo. The blues, yellows, and orange allude to beautiful beaches and warm weather. All of those elements combine to make a cohesive, expressive, and totally unique logo.

Rio Olympics Logo
Image: CreativeBloq

Needless to say, we at Truss are fascinated with the Rio Olympics logo. How do you think this year’s logo compares with former Olympic logos? Let us know what you think! Enjoy watching the conclusion of the games. We certainly will too.

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