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Tempus Business Card and Flyer Design.

Tempus presents a new look on the collection of weather data. The weather sensors detect weather before it forms, its more accurate, and faster. They plan to have six satellites in orbit by 2017. With their advanced technology they can create a 3D image of the atmosphere. This is beneficial for natural disasters, travel and insurance. Tempus is a market-ready organization, ready to revolutionize the weather data industry.
We were able to help promote this amazing company with a beautifully designed flyer and business card. You might think it is strange that the business card and flyer are square, but it’s symbolic. We made them square to represent the 3D cube their readings produce. Also the headers on both are made with a gloss so that it’s transparent, until the light hits it just right, this represents clouds and weather. We wanted to try and show how truly amazing this company is with their flyer, with beautiful images and fun folding design. Our hope is with these products we can let the world know about this revolutionary company.

  • Tempus
  • 2013
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