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Bannock Logo.

The Legacy Food Group came to us with an original idea for their logo that they wanted on their products. We offered to give them a few more concepts, going above and beyond with our ideas. And in the end they fell in love with our hook logo. It may seem simple but everything about it is symbolic. First the hook is shaped like a B to represent Bannock. The hook its self embodies self- sufficiency. The water droplet is a hint to the fact that Bannock’s products are dehydrated, as well as the necessity for water. To more fully incorporate the outdoors the name is curved into the shape of a hill. Having the logo in the shape of a banner is a symbol of strength and quality. With all these hidden symbols this logo isn’t as simple as it first appears. With its modern design it will look great on products and be easily recognizable. These factors will make it a tough competitor for large brands in the outdoor market.

  • Legacy Food Group
  • 2013

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