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5 Things To Know With Produce Packaging.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on June 1st, 2017

Creative. Groundbreaking. Intuitive. These are words usually not associated with produce packaging – but they should be. Check out this graph comparing the demand for produce packaging from 2007-2017.

Like any product, when demand increases, so does competition. According to Business Insider, first impressions generally take about seven seconds before making subsequent judgements. Your packaging is the first impression you make on a consumer perusing the vegetable aisle at the grocery store. If you want to compete in the competitive world of produce – you better nail that first impression.

That’s why we wanted to outline the five most important things to consider when designing packaging for produce.

  1. Brand prominence

You’re not developing any brand loyalty if your audience doesn’t know who you are. If you don’t already have a brand logo, keep the mantra in your head “memorable mark” while creating one. Once you have a logo, there’s certainly an art to brand placement to consider. Ensure that your brand logo is somewhere noticeable, but not obnoxiously front and center. Find the sweet spot that’s not too subtle, nor overtly obvious.

  1. Product Name Placement

This is where you can throw subtly out the window. If you have seven seconds to make a first impression, you have even less time if the consumer doesn’t know what you’re selling. In terms of packaging hierarchy, product name placement is at the top of the list. Whether it be broccoli, snap peas, or Brussel points – make it obvious.

  1. Windows and Product Photography

What people value most with a brand is transparency. Few things are more transparent than windows. Allowing consumers to peer into your packaging with a window and see fresh content for themselves certainly makes an impact. If you don’t want to go with a window option, excellent photography is a must. Entice the consumer with how good your produce looks.

  1. Call-Outs

The main question you want to ask yourself when coming up with call-outs is: “What makes our product different?” When answering that question, let trend research be your guide. Find out what people are looking for in produce. For example, an extremely powerful call-out is “gluten free.” Because gluten is on everyone’s mind lately, a timely call-out like that will have an extra strong impact.

  1. Color and Form

Consider the entire aesthetic of your packaging and how everything goes together. Every packaging design needs to have a mood that is conveyed through color and form. If your product is meant to be enjoyed straight out of the bag, brighter and more lively colors are appropriate. If your produce is meant to be cooked for an elegant meal, have your color and form reflect that. Avoid generic packaging that doesn’t communicate anything beyond, “Hey, this is broccoli.” Do your best to tell some kind of story. Impressive color and form will definitely be a difference maker when consumers are deciding between you and a competitor.

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