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Giving out medals for the best Olympics Uniform Designs.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on August 19th, 2016

One of the most subtly fun parts about the Olympics is seeing the uniform designs that come from every country. Every Olympic games, fashion designers try to make uniforms that are contemporary and reflective of their countries’ culture. Some can be a little mundane, and others are downright genius. In the spirit of the Olympic games, we are going to award gold, silver, and bronze medals to the three Olympics uniform designs.

Gold: Canada

The central focus of the Canadian Olympic uniform is a return to basics. The minimalist aesthetic communicates a powerful sense of identity. The uniforms were created by twins Dan and Dean Caten from DSquared2 brand. The twins’ claim to fame is their flawless tailoring. Take a look at the sports blazers with the bonded zip pockets on the front. Cool and convenient. The blacks and red accented with the whites create perfectly contrasting colors that bring the most out of both worlds.

Olympics Uniform Designs

Image: Canadian Olympic Committee

The typeface that reads “Canada,” combined with the massive maple leaf make the uniform unmistakably Canada. Which absolutely is a compliment. If there was a gold medal for best typeface, Canada would be the winner. Since that doesn’t actually exist, the least we can do is give Canada the honorary gold medal for the best Olympics nniform designs.

Silver: Sweden

Granted, one of the reasons why Sweden’s uniform is so successful is due to the fact that they have an amazing national color palette. The combination of blues and golds make for an electric contrast that blends the bright and loud and dark and reserved. Not to mention the fact that the Swedish Retailer H&M outfitted the Olympic and Paralympic teams. Bright golds are accented with shades of blue that connotes calmness and high energy at the same time.

Olympics Uniform Design

Image: Sweden Olympic Committee

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the uniform doesn’t say “Sweden” anywhere. Not including the country name makes a bold statement about the country’s aesthetic being immediately recognizable. Also, the uniforms were made largely from sustainably-produced recyclable fabrics, which definitely earns them points. For all those reasons we are giving Sweden a silver medal in our Olympics uniform designs ranking.

Bronze: USA

The renowned fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, returned as the head fashion coach for Team USA. Instead of going with a modern approach, Ralph Lauren seems to be going for a timeless American look. White shorts, button-down shirts, striped belts, and signature Polo logo may not be revolutionary, but it certainly looks good. There is an ease to this uniform that is unique to United States. It looks like Team USA is just as ready to lounge on the beach as they are to compete in the Olympics

Olympics Uniform Designs

Image: USA Olympic Committee

The iconic preppy style harkens back to vintage United States, and with that comes a traditional and seasoned confidence. We would like to have seen USA take a few more risks with their uniforms, but they make their lack of faux pas with immaculate design. Plus, those red, white, and blue belts are incredible. We are happy to give USA the bronze in the Truss Olympics uniform designs ranking.

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