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Why Is The Nintendo Switch So Successful?.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on March 16th, 2017 nintendo switch packaging

The Nintendo Switch just came out and has already sold a staggering 1.5 million units in its first week.

Mind you that this was a controversial product from the get go. Many were dubious about another Nintendo console iteration that focused more on its gimmick rather than the hardware itself. The Nintendo Switch can’t boast the same technical prowess as its Sony and Microsoft competitors, so instead the new console focuses on accessibility. With a built-in screen and controllers, you can literally play the Switch with your friends anywhere (assuming you have the battery life to do so). Whatever the reason, people just can’t help themselves when a new Nintendo product hits the retail shelves.

So, what is it that has consumers clamoring for the Nintendo Switch? What Nintendo owns in the video game industry is the user experience. Nintendo products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with tactile accessories and unique capabilities. In some way, you can say that Nintendo is the Apple of the video game industry. Sure, Nintendo doesn’t have the same fire power as competitors, but the product value is through the roof. There’s just something special about owning a Nintendo system. If you’re looking for proof of that notion, go ahead and call your local Target or Best Buy. We bet you they’ll be sold out of Switch consoles, and it will be staying that way for a while.

Before we talk about the product and packaging design, check out this great unboxing video:

Packaging Design

What is it that stands out the most in the Nintendo Switch packaging? The design on the packaging is clearly focused on the products capabilities, however it does so effectively. The packaging echoes the design adage, “Show, don’t tell.” Rather than tell you all about its portability and accessibility, the packaging shows what you can do with it. Have you ever wanted to play video game while you’re camping? Now you can! Have you ever wanted to play games with a friend during an especially boring party? You can do that too. The images, separated by clean white panels, create a strong impact by showing what you can do right out of the box. Notice how there’s no call outs or awkward copyright information, the packaging is purely made up of images that tell a compelling story.

Upon opening the package, the user is immediately introduced to their new product. The box is structured kind of look a tool box in that you can remove “shelves” and easily reuse the box to store the product. Sections are paneled off in a way that is unobtrusive and devoid of cluttering wires and packaging materials. One of the happiest moments in the life of a gamer is unboxing a new console, and the Switch certainly delivers on that experience.

Console Design

As far the console itself is concerned, the design is pretty incredible. The way the different pieces seamlessly connect with one another speaks to very well thought out product design. Check out the pieces in action in this great ad:

The user interface is top-notch with evenly spaced buttons and a smooth, complimentary coloring.

The design of the Nintendo Switch seems to be a prominent contributing factor to the record-breaking sales experience over the past week. Despite the fact the Switch only has a few games available, people are having a difficult time rejecting the design and user experience.

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