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In Stores Now.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on September 30th, 2016

Gabi & Lisette in Target Stores

Gabi & Lisette Sneak Peak

Gabi & Lisette confections hitting the shelves at Target is the outcome of multiple years of positive relationships. As we get to know our buyers better, we gain an extensive understanding of retail business models and effective strategies. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with Target to get our product on their retail shelves.

Though the results speak for themselves, working with major retailers can be a little intimidating at first. Every major retailer has a reputation and standards to uphold, so it can be tough to meet the expected requirements. Thankfully we’ve learned to navigate the retail waters, and getting Gabi & Lisette into Target was fairly simple. Sure, we went through a couple of revisions on our end to fine tune our packaging, but the end result certainly justified the effort. What we have now is a packaging design that maximizes shelf space and matches the quality of the product.

Holding manufacturers to the highest standards is our method of operation. Being involved from idea conception to retail shelf is an exhilarating process. The second we tasted the creamy caramels of Gabi & Lisette, we knew we had something that belonged on the shelves of the best retailers. We’re very happy to say that we’ve met that goal, and, as we expected, the caramels are performing extremely well.

Humble Brands All-Natural Deodorant Available Now

All-natural deodorant


Of course, retail shelves aren’t the only shelves we concern ourselves with. Humble Brands has officially hit the digital shelves and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Jeff, the inventor of the all-natural deodorant, from the beginning. From branding, to messaging, to design and marketing, it’s been an amazing experience prepping Humble for its digital launch. Considering many of us at Truss have been using Humble for the past few months, we can personally attest to the all-natural deodorant’s effectiveness. Our office has never smelled better.

At Truss, we don’t believe in confining ourselves to one field of expertise. The digital market is just as important as the physical retail market, and we want your products to be well-represented in both. As we’ve gone through the ringer in both industries, we’ve developed invaluable knowledge and experience. We’re so grateful for the great products we work for that makes all of our efforts so worth it.

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