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Celebrating Halloween Colors.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on October 22nd, 2016 Halloween colors

This October 22nd is a very special day for Truss. It may not be Halloween, or Christmas, but it is National Color Day. Halloween colors are absolutely worth celebrating. When asked about what color means to them, our graphic designer referred to a quote by famous painter Georgia O’Keefe, “I found I could say things with color that I couldn’t say in any other way.”

Color is an amazingly expressive medium that defines holidays, nations and sports teams. Being that we obsess over Halloween, we wanted to spend some time talking Halloween colors, and why they convey what they do.

History of Halloween Colors

If you go to your local grocery store or local retailer, chances are you’re going to find orange and black colors that symbolize Halloween. So, how is it that black and orange became the colors that embody the Halloween spirit?

You could probably guess the origins of orange as a Halloween color. If you don’t have a good idea, you could probably look at your nearest window to get a good idea. Orange is synonymous with the beautiful colors of autumn! The leaves turn a lovely shade of orange, and great, big orange pumpkins are in season. Besides those connections, orange also signifies strength and endurance, which ties to harvest time and sustainability.

The color black, on the other hand, is on the complete opposite end of the color spectrum. Considering Halloween is based around festivals honoring the dead, black inevitably found its way to the palette. Death is traditionally associated with darkness, or the absence of light, and black embodies those themes.

When you were a kid, what time did you usually go out to trick-or-treat? Chances are the sun had already set and you and your friend were parading under the night’s sky. Most Halloween festivities take place after dark, and black reflects that late-night energy and mystery.

What is means for you

At this point, Halloween is inseparably intertwined with orange and black. For that reason, those two colors combined make for a powerful marketing tool that catches the spirit of the holiday. There’s a reason why Halloween retail spending is anticipated to reach a record $8.4 billion this year. For example, let’s say that you make confections at a dessert parlor. When October rolls around and you start wrapping your desserts in black and orange wrapping, suddenly your confections become a part of the holiday! The customer appeal increases, and you’ve got plenty of business. Likewise, at Truss we are always looking for opportunities to incorporate traditional holiday coloring with modern trends. Harnessing the spirit of each holiday is lots of fun, and absolutely pays dividends.

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