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Gabi and Lisette Site Named Adobe Muse Top 10 Sites Of 2014.

By Posted in - General News & Press Release on October 14th, 2014

One of Truss’s latest projects is a chocolate brand called Gabi and Lisette (www.GabiAndLisette.com).  Earlier this year, the website Truss created for Gabi & Lisette was distinguished as an Adobe Muse Site of the Day. In an annual retrospective, Adobe picked the ten best Muse sites of 2014, distinguishing Gabi and Lisette as one of the ten! Using Adobe Muse, Truss designed a visually stunning website with eye-catching effects and a playful interface. The Adobe Muse tools provided the perfect model to tell the Gabi and Lisette story. Gabi and Lisette’s website was highlighted by Adobe Muse on October 11, 2014.

Upon entering, the user is met with beautiful images and effects. The main objective of Gabi and Lisette’s website is to capture the essence of the brand while introducing its products. A printed postcard details the tale of two best friends who met in Sicily. The different pages feature images of high-quality ingredients, charmingly crafted packaging, and the delectable chocolate itself.

After tremendous initial success, Gabi and Lisette has already become an international brand, currently selling in New Zealand, Canada and the United States with additional sales already in the works. Gabi and Lisette is destined for great success, having already flourished in several major retail outlets.

Truss is very excited about this announcement. The excellent designers and talented copywriters worked hard to make a website that adequately captured the essence of the brand. The attention that the Gabi and Lisette website is garnering indicates Truss’s knowledge of the consumer and expertise in effective design.


For more information about Gabi and Lisette, visit their website (www.GabiAndLisette.com) or their Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/GabiandLisette).

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