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Digital Marketing Capabilities.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on September 30th, 2016

It’s no secret that digital marketing is overtaking traditional marketing. Just this last year, content marketing generated three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. The kicker to that statistic? Leads were tripled and it cost 62% less to achieve them. Despite all the evidence that strongly favors digital marketing, only a third of businesses have a digital marketing component. That number is growing, but surprisingly, digital marketing is still an industry on the rise. All signs point to getting involved in digital marketing as soon as possible.

Whether you have a well-established digital marketing strategy, or are considering adding a digital marketing component to your business, we wanted to let you know about the success we’re enjoying at Truss.

Staying up to date with digital marketing audiences, trends, platforms, and tendencies in an ever-changing climate is a daunting task. For that reason, we dedicate time and resources in staying up to date and anticipating what the next big things will be. We like to think of ourselves as a super savvy weatherman, predicting oncoming changes with high levels of confidence. Propelling our clients to be ahead of the game in digital marketing is the key to staying relevant.

We wanted to spotlight three aspects of digital marketing at Truss that create a reliable and sustainable foundation for conversions. Which, at the end of the day, is the most important aspect of digital marketing.

  1. Quality Content

There’s a reason why 70% of people prefer learning about products and services through content rather than ads. Quality content marketing engages audiences rather than sells to them. Of course, the goal of content marketing is still to sell to the customer, but the rhetoric by which the goal is accomplished is very different from conventional ads.

Content is like the heart that powers digital marketing. Quality content fuels many different mediums in digital marketing, from blog posts, to social media posts, to search-engine optimized articles. When you have quality content, you can share it over multiple platforms and reap the benefits from each.

At Truss, we create content that entertains, informs, engages, and converts. With up to 11% click-through-rates for some of our best material, we’re confident that the analytics support our claims for great content. We absolutely pride ourselves in writing the kind of content that we ourselves would read. Gone are the days of pumping out SEO-overdosed content to rank on search engine, now is the time for top-notch content that actually resonates with readers. We feel much more at home writing content for people, and not writing content for automated systems that rank websites. Thankfully Google agrees with us. The key, we have found, is negotiating that balance between SEO and quality content. Striking that balance is the goal for each piece of content that we write.

  1. Content Editorial Calendar

Quality content is vital for success, but so is the timing that content is posted. For example, studies show that the best time to post on Facebook is 1-4 p.m. on weekends. Likewise, posting content that is seasonal performs much better than content with ambiguous relevance. For those reasons, Truss creates content calendars that are specific to each month. Through researching digital trends and seasonal appeals, we map out a content calendar that will be both timely and relevant. Take a look at our monthly social media calendar for a snapshot of our process:

Needless to say, we put tons of effort in strategizing monthly content calendars. As we stay ahead of the game through careful planning, we create an environment where deadlines are not an issue. Calendars also are easily shareable, so that everyone on our team can stay on the same page, and so can our clients. Transparent communication is so important to a symbiotic marketing relationship, and content calendars keep strategies focused, accurate, and timely.

  1. Influencer Program

At Truss, we’ve been noticing patterns that confirm that fewer than 25% of online consumers trust conventional ads. Plus studies show that ad blocker software is on the rise, and has already cost advertisers an estimated $22 billion in blocked online ads.

The fact of the matter is that digital marketers need to adapt to the way consumers prefer being communicated with. Everyone knows that word of mouth has been, and always will be, the most effective tool for advertising. Our influencer marketing program automates that process through working with social media opinion leaders with prominent followings. Thanks to the cutting-edge influencer marketing organizational platform that we’ve recently invested in, we’re reaching out to dozens of influencers that are excited to promote product and services on their blogs and social media profiles.

We feel strongly that influencer marketing is on the rise, and here to stay. For that reason, we’ve invested time and resources to be able to understand and execute a successful influencer marketing program.

The common thread between our pillars is a focus on conversion. We A/B test every aspect of strategy execution; from calls-to-actions and imagery, to landing page content and ad messaging. We craft email campaigns that are timely and utilize quality content to engage consumers. When all of these strategies work harmoniously, conversions are inevitable. We’ve seen the success that comes from an invested digital marketing team, and would love to share that success with you.

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