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Cenavi™ Case Study.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on September 1st, 2016

Truss recently had the opportunity to build a brand with a group of innovative food and health experts. With our experience in confectionary retail and their industry disruptive product, we felt we were embarking on something groundbreaking. What set Cenavi apart was the fact that they weren’t making confections that were health neutral, they were making confections that had legitimate benefits. We love working with like-minded individuals that share our passion for treat that are both healthy and delicious. Cenavi is a product we absolutely believe in, so we wanted to make sure that it was developed with extreme care.


The name Cenavi comes from a mix of languages, predominantly French. We wanted to communicate this idea of vivid living while staying original. To generate a name that matched the breadth and scope of the confections, we went to the source of the world’s best delicacies. Life in French in “vie,” which, when said out loud, sounds exactly like the last syllable in Cenavi. Those who speak French can pick up on the allusion, and those who do not will enjoy the elegant sound of a French-inspired word. Either way, the name Cenavi communicates a lifestyle that is cultured and refined. Which is another big factor in coming up with something original and effective. With the name established, we needed to express it in a lettering that further communicated what we wanted to get across. We needed a look that was clean, but connotes a sense of ease and flow.

Cenavi-01Instead of using a generic typeface, one of our talented graphic designers hand lettered the text. The result is a unique, semi-cursive text that is both relaxed and calculatedly clean. The letters organically flow together and convey a comfortable refinement.

Package Design:

Once the name was established, we needed to create packaging design that builds upon the brand personality. The biggest advantage we had with Cenavi was the fact that their confections look legitimately delicious. Putting the confections front and center on the packaging came naturally.

Cenavi™ Cashew Cluster

When it comes to healthy alternatives, it can be difficult to let the imagery of the product do the talking for you. Sometimes healthy food is not always the most visually appetizing. That was not the case with Cenavi. The confections looked so good it was obvious that they needed to be the focus of the packaging. To compliment the strong imagery, we used an assortment of fonts that combine confidence, refinement, and comfort.

Notice that the flavor is written in a script that harkens back to the hand-written font used for the title, while the concrete statements like “No sugar alcohols,” and “Handmade Caramels” are written in bolder, confident text. The idea was to create this blend of a product that knows exactly what it is, but also is approachable and comfortable. The bold text, with the concrete statements, show that there is no apprehension in the health-consciousness of the product. Figures like calorie and sugar counts are highlighted on the front of the packaging because we have 100% confidence in their validity. Those factual statements are complimented with hand-written texts for the elements of the packaging that are customizable. Flavor choice speaks to lifestyle and a hand-written text humanizes the packaging.

Our designers utilized product differentiation with color to give personality to every flavor of Cenavi. Matching colors to certain flavors create a psychological effect that make the consumer feel as if they are already experiencing something. For example, a vanilla cream flavor is conveyed with a soft, but appetizing brown. Sea Salt is a dark blue that connotes a calm ocean. Subtle color choices like these can go a long way in terms of subconsciously convincing somebody they want your product.

An important attribute we wanted to capture in the packaging design was a sense of cleanliness. White space is a powerful tool for simplifying and decluttering a design. The current design for Cenavi features just enough color, and adding any more could compromise the clean aesthetic we wanted to reach. Straight lines are used throughout the packaging to reinforce the cleanliness of the package. All of these elements, combined with a mix of classic and modern graphic design styles, maximize shelf presence and communicate a simple, but clean brand personality.


To tie the brand together, we needed to add messaging that efficiently and simply articulates the benefits of Cenavi. Nobody wants to read long, complicated paragraphs explaining the science behind nutritional treats. What people care about is that the snack checks off all their health-conscious boxes. Our market research indicated that health-conscious individuals are looking for naturally sweetened, sugar-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free treats. Streamlining the consumer’s decision-making process, those attributes are stand-alone statements designed to be the first copy that will draw eyes. Of course, there are several other treats out there that can boast those same health-conscious attributes. What distinguishes Cenavi from the competition, however, is the incredible taste. The idea is that after consumers encode the health-conscious messaging, their eyes will be drawn to the product image and understand that this is a product that is good for you, and tastes even better.

With all those major attributes articulated, the finishing touch is a box of body copy on the back of the packaging that hammers home the messaging. Snappy tag lines like “We set out to make your mouth, body, and mind happy” hit that sweet spot of communicating benefits, but doing so in a concise, readable way. We dedicate a few sentences to spotlighting the high quality ingredients and natural sweeteners. The following few sentences reiterate the health benefits, but with a bit more detail. Adding that layer of detail gives ethos to the statements made on the front of the packaging.  It’s one thing to say that your product is naturally sweetened, but it’s much more impactful if you back up the statement with concrete evidence. The body copy is the ideal place to lend credibility to your call outs. We finish the body copy with “No guilt, no compromise – just good.” The idea is that you’re letting yourself indulge without having to give up anything. It’s the best of both worlds.

The culmination of brand attributes led us to the slogan, Make Sweet Good. The fact that Cenavi can offer so much with its confections is why we felt so compelled to partner with them. We love being a part of building the Cenavi brand, and are very optimistic about it’s success.




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