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Case Study: Zestos™ Beans.

By Posted in - Product Launch on July 29th, 2016 Case Study: Zestos™ Beans

.Working with Zestos™ provided a golden opportunity for Truss. Fantastic products in need of brand development and market penetration are our bread and butter. Naturally, we were very excited about taking Zestos™ from their conception to retail. At Truss, we believe in asking all the right questions before ever opening Illustrator and Word. More importantly, we believe in answering those questions with consumer research. Through examining trends in the industry, we feel confident that the steps we’ve taken will help push Zestos™ to the top of the beanstalk.

Brand Development

Other bean distributors can also claim to be vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, but nobody else can boast the same personality and flavor variety. The minute you pop a Zestos™ bean in your mouth, it’s easy to taste the personality that comes beaming, or beaning, if you will, through the flavor. With that in mind, we knew we had found our angle. While forming a brand that differentiated itself from competition, we also wanted to create something complimentary to peer products. The call outs we wanted to implement (“Good source of protein!”) situate Zestos™ as an excellent supplement to a vegetarian, or other health-conscious diets.


Much like the beans, the creators are also brimming with personality, which gave us an excellent model to follow in crafting a name for the product. Our goal was to channel that personality into a name that reflected the brand identity. Easier said than done. We wanted to come up with a name that managed to be catchy, descriptive, and unique all at the same time, while capturing the amazing personality of the creators. Not to mention the difficulty of finding a brand name that hasn’t already been taken. We threw around different ideas for several weeks before having the moment of inspiration that spawned Zestos™.


With the personality and name nailed down, the task at hand was to create a logo that tied the whole aesthetic together. Designing any logo is a thoughtful process. We must have had more than 20 different concepts before we came to our final design. Just take a look at a few of our concepts.


Finally, the pieces came together and Zestos™ had a logo (as shown in the bottom right panel) that matches its electric personality.


The next step was to provide a voice that extended the personality of the brand. Taking a conservative approach would go against the essence of the flavor, thus the phrase “In your face flavor!” was born. The respective flavors also needed to reflect the same attitude, which gave way to flavors like Ragin’ Cajun and Sizzlin’ Sriracha. Not mentioning the impressive health benefits, or ‘bean’efits, would be a mistake, so we inform the consumer of the beneficial nutrients, like protein, fiber, and minerals, while maintaining the same voice (“Smack full of vitamins”). The messaging, combined with the unique typeface, pops off the packaging and communicates a confident, fun, and distinctive aesthetic.


According to recent trend research, around 95 percent of new products fail every year. The reason? Consumers are often times too busy to weigh costs and benefits, so they choose the product with the best packaging. Considering the one-stop nature of Truss’s business model, we were determined to come up with the best packaging to compliment the brand identity. The end result was a stand up pocket zipper pouch, in other words, packaging that stands up on its own, is easily resealable, and has a clean, organic tactile feel. The advantage of having a bag stand up on its own is that it acts like a billboard, catching the eye of every passerby. The attractive packaging, combined with the convenience of a resealable bag, made for the perfect canvas to display the Zestos™ brand personality.


Retail Strategies and Website

Once you figure out who you are as a brand, the proceeding decisions come much more naturally. The Zestos™ website is consistent with the brand personality while providing additional information about the product and the expertise behind it. Simple images, like a math equation except with beans, meat, and cucumber, go a long way to explain nutrient and protein density without keeping things simple. And, of course, the website is chalk-full of bean related puns. With such a strong sense of self, the Zestos™ brand is attracting retail attention from national chains even before official launch.

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  • Susan strauss - Reply

    July 31, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    Can’t wait to see this product in the stores. My mouth is watering just by reading about it. No doubt it will be successful.

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