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Case Study: Humble Brands.

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5 Simple Ingredients Market research and brand development for a Humble Deodorant

The Back Story

When Jeff learned about the harsh chemicals regular antiperspirants contain and their potential links to cancer and disease; he turned to natural deodorants. But there was a problem, none of them worked. After awhile Jeff got fed up and decided to make his own deodorant with common kitchen ingredients. Jeff started mixing natural ingredients on his stove top and after countless attempts, he finally created the perfect formula – Jeff’s Pit Butter.

The Challenge

Jeff's Pit Butter

Now that his formula was complete Jeff began making deodorant for friends and family and soon after developed an e-commerce website. He worked with a focus group to collect consumer information and after receiving the results that the majority of women participating said they would not purchase a product called ‘Pit Butter’ Jeff decided his brand needed a change; and some help.

After meeting Jeff, we happily agreed to take on the enormously fun and exciting opportunity to clarify his brand and amplify sales.

The Solution

We set out to develop a brand that highlighted what made Pit Butter stand out – 5 simple ingredients. After extensive market research and going through our brand personality exercises, we crafted a handful of names that represented this simple deodorant.

After discussing the benefits of each potential name, we felt Humble was a strongly relatable and trustworthy brand name. Like a sanctuary in a busy competitive marketplace.

Brand Development

The logo was carefully crafted to reflect the transparent and authentic personality of Humble Brands.

Humble Brands Logo

Like the ingredients themselves, we included only the essentials in the label design.

Humble Brands Label








Visit the Humble Brands website to learn more about the product and when it’s available for purchase.

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