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3 Brands With Incredible Social Media Personality.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on April 18th, 2017

The whole point of social media accounts for businesses is to connect with audiences and develop brand personality. Developed brand personalities resonate with audiences, encourage loyalty, and attract new followers. Of course, accomplishing all this is much easier said than done.

We’ve done the research and found four brands that set an example for the rest of the industry. No doubt you’ve heard of these brands before, which is in part due to their fully realized personality. Let’s see what we can learn from each.

  1. Nordstrom’s

As you can tell from the graph below, the clear majority of Nordstrom’s social engagement comes from photos. Being a popular clothing retailer, it seems obvious that Nordstrom’s would focus on photography, however pictures of clothes alone doesn’t create a brand personality.

Notice how Nordstrom’s Instagram account positions the retailer as a fellow consumer. Rather than being focused on making a sale, the copy gives the impression that Nordstrom’s is as excited as you are to buy the latest trends. Nordstrom’s seems much more like a shopping buddy than a sales person trying to squeeze money out of you. Make no mistake, if Nordstrom’s just posted photos of clothing with basic descriptions, they would be nowhere near 2.4 million followers on Instagram. Of course, partnering with influencers like Beyonce, and pairing products with events also contributes to creating a brand personality that resonates.

  1. Wendy’s

At the risk of sounding biased, Wendy’s is a personal favorite in terms of brand personalities. It’s pretty insane that a fast-food restaurant chain can attract so much engagement purely through text! Wendy’s has successfully pulled off the playful, sarcastic humor approach with flying colors.

Here are a few favorites:

This tweet in response to McDonalds is the single-most engaging piece of content that Wendy’s produced in an entire year. All it took was a witty response in less than 140 characters on a free social media platform. That’s a pretty good return on investment.

What Wendy’s does better than anybody on social media create hilarious responses to random tweets. Whoever @xxxtelephonecord is, he/she went out of their way to engage with Wendy’s on a top totally unrelated to burgers. When you have followers positively engaging with your brand on topics that go beyond your industry, you’re certainly doing something right.

  1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell follows a similar (albeit slightly less sarcastic) style along with Wendy’s.

This is another example of an extremely engaging piece of content that probably took less than three minutes to create. Imagine if you could have 23,000 people positively react to your brand in a matter of minutes. What people love is the fact that these established brands, like Taco Bell, are acting more like a friend than a megacorporation.

What truly separates Taco Bell from the rest is their growing presence on Snapchat.

Taco Bell is successfully using Snapchat to engage with fans, announce new products, run contests, and more. Keep in mind that creating a Snapchat story is an infinitesimal fraction of the cost compared to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for television ad time. b

The common thread linking these brands is the impression that they are personalities you’d like to shop with, eat with, and laugh with. Brands should do everything possible to appear more like friends than a greedy corporation. Nordstrom’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell has shown that authenticity requires risks. Part of appearing approachable is acting like a normal person. Gone may be the days of calculated messaging that efficiently communicates features and benefits. Social media users see right through the business jargon and don’t engage. Now is the time for brands to seem more human than ever before.

Graph credit: Simply Measured

Photo credit: Nordstrom’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell

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