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Is Amazon Go Worth The Risk?.

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When the Amazon Go Store was announced last year, many were skeptical. Including Target’s chief information and digital officer, Mike McNamara, who said “I’m quite happy for them to take the lead and, if it works, I’m quite happy to copy them.” Major retailers are letting Amazon take the risks, and are perfectly happy to wait and see what happens. No doubt, the success of Amazon Go effects every major retailer.

There’s no denying that Amazon Go would change the world of retail as we know it. If it works. Suddenly retailers would be avoiding tons of overhead costs, which could influence the prices we typically pay.

From where it stands, the “If” still looms large in making the Amazon Go idea work. According to The Wall Street Journal, the cashier-less convenience store has been delayed from its initial goal of launching at the end of March. The only problem is that once the store has over 20 visitors, suddenly everything becomes free. Sure, that’s an issue, but to us, it sounds like a really good time to spend with 19 of your friends. Until Amazon works out the kinks in its latest venture, we don’t anticipate Amazon Go launching anytime soon.

Worth The Risk

Despite the potential risks, we are rooting for Amazon to pull off the cashier-less convenience store. Some might argue replacing human workers with automated machines hurts the economy (you can also argue Amazon Go is the first step in robots taking over the world), but we would beg to differ. The goal of any business is efficiency. If grocers and retailers become more efficient, consumers can expect the best prices, with the best service. Just like nobody enjoys sitting in traffic, nobody genuinely enjoys waiting in line at the store (unless you are an avid reader of The National Enquirer).

It will be interesting to see if, and when, Amazon can pull off their convenient store. If and when they do, the Amazon Go effects will change retail forever.

Here’s a great video that will give you a better idea of what Amazon Go will look like:

Photo credit: The Verge

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